SA is a versatile company. In addition to machining, we offer specialized materials and other testing. 


Specialized Testing
SA has built and tested a 4' diameter, 13' long 200 psi autoclave. 


Stress Oxidation Testing

We have also built a stress oxidation test rig capable of testing material specimens in 3600 oF environments under 2000lb loads. 

Burner Rig Testing

Using one the burner rigs we have built, we can conduct low-pressure burner rig testing of Thermal Barrier Coated (TBC) samples.  Tests utilize JP-8 jet fuel while the rig itself is also capable of injecting steam and/or sand during the test.  The rig is built in such a way so as to allow for a 3000oF combuster exit temperature to be maintained for a 10 hour test period.  This rig is capable of testing samples under specific tensile load and temperature exposure.  (Click to enlarge)


Beyond materials testing, we are capable of subsystems level component assembly and testing for jet engine parts.  (Click to enlarge)

...and Engines

From parts to sytems to complete engines, SA has successfully worked from the ground up in designing, assembling, and testing complete gas turbine engines. (Click to enlarge)

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